During the pandemic, a lot of people spent more time at home, watching YouTube, and avoiding unnecessary contact with strangers.  So it’s not surprising that Do-It-Yourself projects have been on the rise.

In a new survey, 81% of people who own a home say they’ve done at least one project since the start of the pandemic . . . and almost half have done more than four.

Over 40% say their DIY projects were more challenging and expensive than expected.  And nearly 80% made a “minor” or “major” mistake.

Saving money is the main reason people DIY.  But others include:  Having more spare time . . . thinking it would be fun . . . and wanting to learn a new skill.

As for inspiration, DIY TV shows did it for a lot of people, but other contributing factors were social media . . . and “wanting to prove someone wrong about their ability to do it.”  Not surprisingly, MEN out-numbered women in that category.

In a separate survey, 38% of people say they look back on their DIY projects and think, “I should not have done that.”  The riskier DIY projects for amateurs typically involve electric, gas, and water.

(PR Newswire)