80% of Us Get Frustrated by Technology at Least Once a Day . . . Here Are the Top Things That Annoy Us

80% of Americans get frustrated by technology at least once a day, according to a new survey.  And for 30% of us, it happens more than five times a day . . . including 3% who said more than TWENTY.

The device that gives us the most trouble is our phone, followed by our computer and our Internet router.  Here are the ten tech issues that frustrate us the most.  And the top three are all Wi-Fi related . . .

1.  Various Wi-Fi issues.

2.  Trouble connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

3.  Connecting to Wi-Fi, but there’s still no Internet.

4.  Slow downloads or buffering.

5.  Trouble logging in or signing up.

6.  Your battery dying at an inconvenient time.

7.  Apps or computer programs crashing.

8.  Forgetting a password.

9.  Viruses or security issues.

10.  Your battery dies all the time, or won’t charge fast enough.