Credit: Ben-Schonewille via Thinkstock

This poll confused us, because most people think this summer SUCKED . . . but we also want more of it?

A new survey of 1,500 Americans found 80% of us had a, quote, “bummer summer.”  But 48% also wish there was a way to extend it for another two weeks.  (There’s actually almost a month of summer left, by the way.)

Here are a few more random stats from the survey. . .

1.  27% said they’d rather have a root canal than relive this past summer.  37% would rather move in with their parents.  And 9% would rather feel seasick for three months straight.  (Wow, was watching Netflix in July really THAT bad?)

2.  The states where people were most likely to say they had a terrible summer are:  South Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

3.  And here’s the weirdest question they asked:  What did the summer of 2021 TASTE like?  21% said “fruity” . . . 18% said it tasted like “boredom” (???) . . . 15% said “bitter” . . . 11% said “salty” . . . another 11% said “spicy” . . . 10% said “boozy.”