75% of Us Clean Before We Go on Vacation

Do you do this before you go on vacation?  A new poll found 75% of Americans prefer to clean their place before going on a trip, because they hate coming home to total filth.

Half of us do it to make sure we can relax.  51% said they’d just think about it the whole time and dread having to clean as soon as they got home.

Here are the top five things we feel like we MUST deal with before going on vacation . . .

1.  The laundry.  77% said it’s a top priority, maybe because you also want to pack some of that stuff.

2.  The dishes, 66%.  Week-old dirty dishes are never fun.

3.  The bathroom.  58% said it’s one of their top must-clean spots.

4.  Sweep, vacuum, and mop, 56%.

5.  The kitchen, 49%.  Specifically, the kitchen counters, the stove, and tossing any old food that’s in the fridge.  (I guess taking out the trash is a given?  Old, stinky trash isn’t fun to come home to.)