74% of People Say It’s “Not Acceptable” to Guzzle Gin & Tonics During a Virtual Work Meeting

Even though a lot of workers are back at the office, plenty of people still have virtual work meetings.  So what are the WORST things you can do during those meetings?  (Other than opting not to wear a shirt.)  (???)

A poll gave people a long list of controversial behaviors, and asked people whether they are NEVER acceptable during a Zoom . . . always acceptable . . . or only acceptable for “informal meetings.”

In the end, having a TV on in the background was the biggest no-no . . . so don’t have “The View” blaring behind you.  77% of people said that’s never acceptable.

Here are the other ones that a majority of people said were NEVER cool:

Vaping . . . 76% say it’s never acceptable.

Smoking . . . 75%

Drinking an alcoholic drink . . . 74%.  (So no, you shouldn’t be guzzling gin & tonics during the morning progress report.)

Having music playing in the background . . . 70%

Working on something unrelated to the meeting . . . 67%

Wearing sunglasses . . . 64%

Eating a meal . . . 61%

Wearing your pajamas . . . 61%

Having your child sit on your lap . . . 54%

Having other people in the room . . . 54%

On the other end of the spectrum, only 17% of people said it’s unacceptable to have a non-alcoholic drink, like water or soda.  53% said that’s ALWAYS cool.

Things that were more cool in INFORMAL meetings include:  Sitting on the sofa, sitting outside, eating a snack, and “having a pet sit on your lap.”  (???)

(YouGov.com has the full breakdown.  They also sort it by AGE . . . and people 65 and older are more likely to have a problem with ALL OF THIS.)