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70% of Americans Would Rather Watch New Movies at Home

Credit: Memorystockphoto via Thinkstock

As COVID-19 restrictions are being eased in parts of the country, some people are so desperate that they’re running into the streets . . . but there’s still plenty of anxiety over health and safety in public.

A study by Performance Research asked Americans if they’d rather see a new movie in a theater, or as a digital rental at home . . . and people are NOT ready for theaters.

Only 13% said they’d brave a theater now.  A whopping 70% said they’d rather watch from their couch, while 17% said they’re not sure.

Some of those who are “not sure” might make their decision based on social-distancing policies . . . like capping the number of people in the theater.  The survey didn’t specify whether or not there’d be any policies in place.

Coming out of the pandemic, 52% said they’ll attend fewer large public events . . . and 60% said that the idea of attending a big public event “will scare me for a long time.”

It may take a while for some people to feel comfortable.  37% said they plan to attend movie theaters less often, and 10% say they may never go again.  (Which seems overly dramatic.)

(For what it’s worth, the respondents were a sample of all people, NOT movie-goers, so it’s possible that some of that 10% are people who weren’t going to theaters even before COVID-19.)

As for face-masks, it seems like people are more comfortable WITH them than without.

(“Comfortable” from a safety standpoint . . . NO ONE finds masks comfortable to wear.)

61% say mandatory face coverings at live events would increase their likelihood of attending, as opposed to just 16% who say it would decrease it.

But ultimately, sports and entertainment venues might not have that much control over putting attendees at ease.

90% say the most important factor is . . . a cure for COVID-19.


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