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62% of Us Have Had Trouble Staying Focused During the Pandemic, Because the Days Run Together

Credit: skynesher via Thinkstock

Has it been harder for you to stay focused during the pandemic?  Wait . . . what were we just talking about?

A new survey found 62% of Americans think it’s been harder to focus the last few months.  Partly because there’s so much going on, and because the days all run together.  Here are the top ten things we’re doing to stay sharp in quarantine . . .

1.  Reading more.

2.  More exercise.

3.  Puzzles.

4.  Watching documentaries.

5.  Board games.

6.  Taking a new vitamin or supplement.

7.  Crossword puzzles.

8.  Learning a new skill or hobby.

9.  Sudoku.

10.  Learning a new language.


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