6% of People Think It’s Fine to Pee in Swimming Pools
Ripple water in swimming pool

 If you haven’t heard, a town in Spain wants to fine people $800 for peeing in the ocean.  That has ignited talk about whether or not it’s bad to do.  Yes, it’s gross . . . but there’s a LOT of worse insanity being dumped into the ocean.

There’s a new poll on peeing while swimming . . . because, hey, why not . . . and 41% of people say you should just go to a restroom, and avoid peeing in the ocean OR a pool.  Another 48% said it’s okay to pee in the ocean, but NOT a pool.

5% of people said they think it’s FINE to pee in BOTH the ocean and swimming pools.  And 1% say peeing in a pool is okay, but NOT the ocean.  (???)

So, 6% of people are okay peeing in pools.  Which is the WRONG answer.

In addition to being nasty, urine messes with a pool’s chemistry, which is vital for keeping the water safe.  It both uses up chlorine that’s needed to kill bacterial microbes . . . and it alters a pool’s pH, which can throw the chemical balance out of whack.

If you’re wondering who’s peeing in the pool, in the survey, 10% of 18- to 24-year-olds say it’s okay to pee in the pool . . . while only 2% of people 65 and older agree.

(YouGov / Prevention)