5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Husband
angry wife

According to YourTango, these are the five comments that will surely erode the relationship.

1. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? Attacking someone with words is a sideways way of expressing your feelings. If you feel frustrated that he forgot “the one thing” you asked him to do, instead try this: “I know you’re not trying to forget what I asked you to do, but when you do forget what I’ve asked you to help me with, I feel like my needs don’t matter. Will you please do what you can to remember next time?”

2. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! When your husband comes home and shares with you how a situation he handled at work backfired on him, he’s really looking for some compassion and support, and not some Simon Cowell-like stab.

3. THAT’S ALL YOU DID? Look, in a perfect world, husbands would read wives’ minds. But that’s not reality. If you have an expectation of something that your husband is going to do, own your assumptions rather than vomit your disappointment in his general direction.

4. STOP TOUCHING ME. Yikes. We all know this one: hubby wants to get sexy time on and you’d rather stick needles in your eyes after the vomit-inducing, child screaming, stressful work day you’ve just had. But guess what? You’re allowed to feel that way, and you’re allowed to select the pause button in response. Instead, first respond with a kiss or hug and say: “Honey, I just need to decompress from the day so that I can really be present with you.” He’s not stupid; he’ll get the hint without you making him feel like a total reject. The only caveat is that this doesn’t mean you get a free hall pass for the week: You’re just as responsible for your sexual relationship as he is.

5. YOU’RE PATHETIC. This is so not cool to say to anyone. How old are you? Kids say this to other kids when they feel angry, hurt, sad, disappointed, etc. Own your feelings and communicate them like an adult.