5 Little Things Women Won’t Tell Men

According to YourTango.com, here are five little things women won’t tell men.

• Most women are somewhat afraid of men — if not downright avoidant of them. YourTango explains that many women are afraid of men due to past experiences with men who seemed fine but turned out to be violent.

• They’re really jealous of the fact that male clothing fits well and has pockets. YourTango highlights the lack of pockets in women’s jeans and how men’s pants have functional pockets. Women’s clothing is often designed to objectify them, making it difficult to find practical options. This creates a sense of envy towards men’s clothing which doesn’t have these issues.

• Women are terrified of complimenting men because they’re worried that they’ll take it as flirting. YourTango says that all to often, women will compliment a guy only to get followed and harassed down the street.

• The sexiest thing to a woman is emotional maturity. The biggest reason why women fear men is because they’ve suffered from the abuse of a man who can’t moderate his own emotions. This means that one of the best ways to get women to be interested in you is by doing the opposite of what those guys do.

• Women are just the same as men in most ways. Yes, they have boobs and butts and can birth babies. But guess what — they also are the same species as you. That means that women can have the same feelings on topics, do the same things you do, and even like video games.