42% of People Think They Could Negotiate Peace with Aliens

If aliens showed up tomorrow . . . and they were NOT overly friendly about it . . . who would YOU want to be the POINT PERSON in charge of talking it out with them?  Who should we trust?

In a new poll, 43% say they would be cool with our current world leaders representing Earth.  They didn’t specify who that would be, so maybe the options are:  President Biden, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Emmanuel Macron, and King Charles(Are we sure about this???)

We can’t ask Taylor Swift to do it . . . (since, you know, Travis’ Super Bowl is coming up) . . . and Elliott from “E.T.” was just a fictional character.

So what about . . . YOU?  In the poll, 42% of Americans say YES, they believe THEY would be able to negotiate peace with aliens.

37% of people say they believe aliens are already here . . . while 41% do NOT think there are aliens among us.  The other 22% don’t know.

Overall, 53% of people think that aliens do exist, somewhere . . . while 34% of people don’t believe in extraterrestrial life.

(Talker Research)