42% of Men Are Uncomfortable Putting Sunscreen on Another Man’s Back

Do you know a guy who would rather get a nasty sunburn . . . or even risk getting skin cancer . . . just because he doesn’t want to ask another guy to put sunscreen on his back?

A recent poll asked men and women if they’d be uncomfortable in a series of situations, and one of them was “applying sunscreen to a [same gender] friend’s back” . . . so man-to-man, woman-to-woman.

42% of men say that makes them feel uncomfortable.  Technically, they didn’t say they WOULDN’T do it . . . just that it was uncomfortable.

Only 10% of women are bothered by doing it for a female friend.

Here are the results for some other “same gender” situations:

Another 42% of men feel uncomfortable having to SHARE A BED with a male friend.  Only 21% of women agree, with a female friend.

44% of men are uncomfortable at a gay bar . . . compared to 20% of women.

48% of men are uncomfortable crying in front of a male friend . . . compared to 18% of women.

45% of men are uncomfortable saying “I love you” to a male relative . . . compared to 17% of women.

17% of men are uncomfortable hugging a male friend . . . compared to 5% of women.

And 4% of men are uncomfortable just going to a restaurant with a male friend . . . compared to just 1% of women.

The only situation where women are MORE uncomfortable than men was being naked in a changing room.  67% of women are uncomfortable being naked in front of other women, while only 49% of men agree.

The men who ARE more likely to be bothered by that are YOUNGER ADULTS, ages 18 to 24.  Most men 50 and older don’t care about being naked around other men.  (If you’re a man who goes to the gym, you already know this.)