National Beach Day! Here Are Our Top Beach Etiquette Rules

Happy National Beach Day!  A poll for it found 84% of regular beachgoers feel like summer isn’t complete unless they’ve gone at least once.

Our top five activities for the perfect beach day include swimming . . . sunbathing . . . surfing or boogie boarding . . . snorkeling . . . and reading.

We don’t love everything about the beach though.  Namely, other people who won’t follow proper “beach etiquette.”

According to the poll, here are the top rules you need to follow at the beach . . .

1.  Don’t set up too close to another group if there’s open space.

2.  Don’t litter.

3.  Don’t shake sand off blankets or towels right next to someone.

4.  Don’t play your music too loud.

5.  Don’t set up directly in front of another group and ruin their view.

6.  Keep an eye on your kids.

7.  Keep the PDA to a minimum.

8.  Don’t yell or be obnoxiously loud.

9.  Don’t leave a mess behind.

10.  No staring.  (Or at least be sneaky about it and put sunglasses on.)

The poll also found 30% of us have LOST something at the beach before.  The things you’re most likely to lose are your sunglasses, and a water bottle.  One in five people have also “lost” their bathing suit.

And one final thing we DON’T love about the beach:  One in six people have found sand in their clothes or shoes more than a week after getting back.