39% of People Say Their Home Is Cleaner Than the One They Grew Up In

It’s hard to keep your house clean once you have kids . . . even Marie Kondo recently said she has “kind of given up” on tidying since the birth of her third kid.

In a new poll, 39% of people claim their current home is “generally cleaner” than the home they grew up in as a kid.

It’s unclear how many of them have kids, but younger adults . . . ages 18 to 44 . . . were FAR more likely to say that their current homes are cleaner.

30% of people say their current home is “about the same” in cleanliness as their childhood home.  And 24% admit that their home is MESSIER.

But maintaining order can make a difference.  40% of people say that their mood is “greatly” affected by the cleanliness of their home . . . and another 36% say it’s somewhat affected.

Only 5% say that their mood is “not at all” affected by the mess around them.