What Is the Smallest Hill You’re Willing to Die On?

People online are talking about “the SMALLEST hills they’re willing to die on” . . . in other words, it might be a silly debate, but they are NOT willing to give any ground on their opinion.

Here are the highlights:

1.  Tiny and jumbo paperclips should not be mixed.

2.  Four-way stops are NOT the place for pleasantries.  Go when it’s your turn.

3.  You shouldn’t put ketchup on fries that people are sharing.

4.  Reese’s Trees should be called Treese’s.  (To which someone else joked, “Olives should be called Greece’s Pieces.)

5.  Cheap cafeteria silverware at a “nice” restaurant ruins the experience.

6.  One “bless you” should cover the whole sneeze session.

7.  Red Delicious apples are trash apples.

8.  It’s impossible to give more that 100%.

9.  You’re not a “small business owner” if you’re in a MLM.

10.  Women’s clothing should have more pockets.

11.  We should normalize regular sanitization of our belts . . . because it’s one of the first things we touch after finishing on the toilet.  (This is actually something I haven’t heard discussed . . . but it’s a great point.  Do you ever clean your belt?  How do you do it?)

12.  The Oxford Comma.  Use it.

13.  It’s “I couldn’t care less” not “I could care less.”  And also:  Correct usage of “your” and “you’re.”

14.  (On a more serious note, and therefore LESS small hills . . .)  Beauty pageants for children should be illegal.15.  And school lunches should be free.