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31% of People Working from Home Never Talk to Co-Workers on the Phone

If the pandemic happened ten years ago, we might have relied more on old-school phone calls to get things done.  But not today . . .

31% of people who are working from home say phone calls are NOT one of the ways they communicate with their boss and co-workers.  Calls ARE still one of the top ways we communicate at work overall.  But almost 1 in 3 people have moved on to other forms of communication.  Here are the top five ways we’re talking to co-workers while working at home during the pandemic . . .

1.  Emails.  84% send and receive them.

2.  Phone calls, 69%.

3.  Zoom, 49%.

4.  Microsoft Teams, 32%.

5.  Skype, 13%.

Slack got 12%.  GoToMeeting, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, and WhatsApp all ranked lower at less than 10%.


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