Should the day after the Super Bowl be a national holiday, so you don’t have to go to work tired and hung over?

A new survey found only 29% of Americans think it should be.  So if you actually want that to happen, you’ve got some convincing to do.

Maybe it SHOULD happen though, because 40% of people also said they expect to either show up to work LATE on Monday, or take a sick day.

Here are nine more random Super Bowl stats . . .

1.  67% of Americans plan to watch the Super Bowl this year.  So about a third of us won’t be watching.

2.  More people are rooting for the Rams than the Patriots.  42% want L.A. to win . . . 29% want New England to win . . . and the other 29% don’t really care.

3.  34% of us have fallen ASLEEP while watching the Super Bowl before.  It’s not clear how many of those people PASSED OUT from too much drinking.

4.  Most people agree the game itself is more important than the commercials.  But it depends on whether you’re a big football fan or not.  66% of avid NFL fans say the game is more important.  For everyone else, it’s about 50/50.

5.  Only 32% of us are looking forward to this year’s halftime show with Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi.  37% of people said they’re NOT looking forward to it.  The remaining 31% are lukewarm about it.

6.  The average Super Bowl ticket bought through a reseller like StubHub would cost you $7,166 this year.  That’s actually down about $100 from last year.

7.  People will wager an estimated $158 MILLION on the Super Bowl this year, which would be a new record.  (Which must not include all the shady online casino bets.)

8.  69% of self-described NFL “Super Fans” wear something lucky on game day . . . including 1 in 5 who wear lucky underwear.

9.  1 in 8 “Super Fans” would divorce their SPOUSE if it would get their team a Super Bowl title.

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