22% of People Have Gotten Food Poisoning from a Holiday Meal

When you get to Thanksgiving dinner this week, head straight to the kitchen and double-check the meat thermometer on the turkey.  I’m sure whoever’s doing the cooking won’t be offended.

According to a new survey, 22% of people say they’ve gotten FOOD POISONING from a holiday meal.

And these might be some of the reasons why . . .

1.  62% of Americans rinse raw turkey in the kitchen sink, which can splatter germs up to three feet away . . . all over the counters and other cooking surfaces.

2.  26% of people only wash their hands BEFORE they make food . . . which can lead to cross-contamination when they’re cooking different things.

3.  And 26% of people leave the turkey out for three or more hours before they put it in the fridge for leftovers . . . bacteria can start growing at the two-hour mark.

Anyway, good luck not getting sick on Thursday.

(Water Quality & Health Council)