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2021’s “Dirty Dozen” List of Fruits and Veggies with the Most Pesticides

high angle shot of some different raw vegetables, such as cauliflower of different colors, broccolini, fava beans, french beans, kale, onion or carrots, on a white rustic wooden table

Do you want me to eat fruit or not?  Because this isn’t helping:  Something called the Environmental Working Group puts out a list each year called the “Dirty Dozen” . . . or the 12 fruits and vegetables that tend to be covered in the most pesticides.  Here’s what they said this year . . .

1.  Strawberries.  They’re at the top for the sixth year in a row.

2.  Spinach.

3.  Kale.

4.  Nectarines.

5.  Apples.

6.  Grapes.

7.  Cherries.

8.  Peaches.

9.  Pears.

10.  Bell peppers and hot peppers.

11.  Tomatoes.

12.  Celery.

They say the CLEANEST options are avocadoes, corn, pineapples, onions, and papayas.

Don’t think you’re off the hook with organic foods, either. Organic growers still use pesticides, and the amount they apply isn’t tracked like synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

(USA Today)

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