16 Things We’ll Still Be Better at Than A.I. in 10 Years

If you haven’t heard, A.I. is coming for everyone’s jobs.  A new poll found that in 100 years, most of us think it’ll be seen as the top thing that changed how we live and work.  The Internet is second, and then smartphones.

Here’s the main question people were asked though:  10 years from now, do you think we’ll still be better than A.I. at ANYTHING?

Most people say YES.  People were given a list of 30 different things, and asked if they think A.I. will be better at them than we are a decade from now.

The top things we think A.I. will crush us at by then are:  Translating stuff into different languages . . . predicting the weather . . . and providing tech support.

But of the 30 things they asked about, there are 16 that people think we’ll still be better at by the year 2033

1.  Caring for kids and the elderly.  Only 12% of us think A.I. will be better at it.

2.  Providing emotional companionship.  So, a friend you can lean on, 14%.

3.  Being a therapist.  Only 16% think A.I. will be better than us at it in 10 years.

4.  Making complex ethical decisions.

5.  Cooking.

6.  Writing novels.

7.  Writing poetry.

8.  Running a business.

9.  Writing music.

10.  Choosing job candidates.

11.  Writing TV shows.

12.  Teaching college classes.

13.  Performing surgery.  27% think A.I. will be better at it than us in 10 years.

14.  Writing news articles.

15.  Driving.  Only 30% think A.I. will be better at it than us.  Another 20% said “about” as good as us though.

16.  Customer service, 30%.  (Yeah . . . because all the customer service reps I talk to are SO amazing at it.)