15 Things That People Say They’re “Getting Too Old” to Tolerate

The “get off my lawn” memes poke fun at how “old folks” complain about EVERYTHING.  But it isn’t just Boomers . . . there are plenty of seventh graders who are sick of putting up with sixth grader B.S.  (???)

People online are talking about things they are “getting too old” to deal with . . . and you can probably relate to a few, no matter how old you are.

1.  Arguing with other people.  One person said, “It makes me think of Keanu Reeves.  He once said he protects his peace by refusing to argue with anyone about anything.  He said, ‘1+1=5?  You’re right.  Have fun.'”

2.  Concerts without assigned seating.

3.  Hangovers . . . “Three days to go back to normal is not worth it.”

4.  Lack of sleep.  And also:  Sleeping on air mattresses.

5.  Caring about people who don’t care about you.

6.  Sitting on the floor.

7.  Keeping up with new slang.

8.  Keeping up with new music.  And:  Keeping up with the Kardashians.  (???)

9.  Waiting in line.

10.  Camping on the ground.

11.  Convincing people not to do dumb stuff.

12.  Chasing after people, and being the only one to put in the work for relationships with family and friends . . . “Like if I ask you to hang out a few times and you’re always busy . . . come find me.  Phone works both ways.”

13.  Parenting.  (I don’t know if this is supposed to be funny or sad.  Let’s take it in the FUNNY sense.  And here’s to all the GRANDPARENTS out there who are actually willing to jump back into the fire.)

14.  Negativity and internet bickering.  And also:  Social media, in general.

15.  Other people’s drama.  And also:  People, in general.

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