14 of the Best Horror Movies for Couples

Do you and your significant other love to celebrate Halloween together?  Well, here are 14 of the best horror movies for couples . . . according to some random person on the Internet . . .

1.  “The Conjuring”  (2013):  “Partly based on the lives of Ed and Lorraine Warren, whose marriage is a testament to building a relationship through a common interest.”

2.  “The Woman”  (2011):  “Turns the genre’s misogynistic past on its head . . . cruelty and systemic oppression are the evil villains, not women who don’t conform.”

3.  “Cabin in the Woods”  (2012):  “The perfect movie for couples made up of one person who loves horror movies and another who hates them.”

4.  “Rosemary’s Baby”  (1968):  “Geriatric satanists Minnie and Roman Castevet, are horror’s most woke couple.  They’re equal partners in a long-term project, and Minnie clearly has as much (or more) agency as her husband in their stab at unleashing ruin unto to all mankind.”

5.  “Let the Right One In”  (2008):  “Maybe the relationship between a vampire and its familiar is exploitive and manipulative by nature, but on the other hand, love is strange, man.”

6.  “Vivarium”  (2020):  “If you and your significant other are considering settling down, moving to the suburbs, and having a kid, ‘Vivarium’ is the movie for you.”

7.  “The House”  (2022):  “Creepy, foreboding, and strange, but there are no scares, deaths, blood, or things jumping out at you.  It’s all atmosphere, sizzle without the steak, but it’s done so well, it’s still a full meal.”

8.  “The Babadook”  (2014):  “Examines the terror of being a parent like few movies ever have.”

9.  “The Love Witch”  (2016):  “There’s no nudity here, but ‘The Love Witch’ is porn for couples who get off on visual ingenuity . . . it’s so cool-looking, it’s hard to believe it even exists.”

10.  “The Hunger”  (1983):  “The definitive sexy-vampire movie.”

11.  “A Dark Song”  (2017):  “[The characters] must share embarrassing intimacies, endure personal betrayals, and trust one another even after their horrible inner-selves are exposed . . . It’s a metaphor for relationships.”

12.  “Cat People”  (1942):  “If you and your partner are a little too highbrow for standard horror movies . . . ‘Cat People’ eschews the explicit in favor of the implicit and prizes mood and mystery over anything graphic.

13.  “Final Girls”  (2015):  “It’s scary, legitimately funny and features an emotional core that might make you cry.”

14.  “Midsommar”  (2019):  “This is a good movie to watch together if you think it’s time for your romance to END.”

(Life Hacker)