13% of People Don’t Pack a Pair of Underwear for Each Day They’re on Vacation?

There are a lot of types of PACKERS:  Over-packers . . . light packers . . . last-minute packers . . . Green Bay Packers.  (???)

A new poll asked people how many pairs of UNDERWEAR they pack when they’re going on a trip.  Specifically, they asked about being gone for SIX nights.

22% of people said SIX pairs of underwear . . . one per day.  36% pack one or two extra, since they don’t take up much room.

Some people got excessive:  6% said 12 . . . or two per day . . . and 4% said “more than 12.”  But hey, if there’s one thing you’re going to over-pack, it might as well be underwear.

13% of people gave the WRONG answer:  FEWER pairs than the number of days.  Those include:  5% who will pack five pairs . . . 4% who will pack four . . . and 4% who said “three or fewer.”

Men are a LOT more likely to not pack enough underwear.  20% of men pack fewer pairs than the number of days, compared to just 8% of women.

The full demographic of under- underwear packers is:  Younger men from the West or Northeast.


(I get being a minimalist when it comes to packing, but this is silly.  So, you’re either:  Not changing your underwear every day on vacation . . . doing laundry on a six-day trip . . . or wasting your time away shopping for new underwear.)

(And if it’s “young men” from the coasts not packing underwear, they’re PROBABLY not planning on doing laundry or shopping.  Just sayin’.)