118 New Emojis Are on the Way . . . Including New Foods, Animals, and Gender-Neutral Families

Imagine how wild it would be if we abruptly decided to add new letters to the alphabet.  That isn’t happening . . . but THIS is the next best thing:

118 new emojis have been revealed, which will be coming to your phones sometime this spring.  The additions include a phoenix . . . a lime and a brown mushroom . . . and a broken chain.

There’s also two new “smile” emojis:  One that’s shaking its head from side-to-side, and another that’s shaking its head up-and-down.

There are also a series of gender-neutral family emojis . . . basically silhouette versions of the existing family emojis that have various combinations of genders.

The other 108 are just additional versions of the people walking . . . running . . . kneeling . . . sitting in wheelchairs . . . and walking with canes.

These allow them to face the opposite direction, while also supporting all three emoji gender options, as well as the five skin tones.

(Emojipedia has images of how they will look on Apple iOS and on Google.)