10 Wealthy Celebs Who Are “Frugal,” Because They Grew Up Poor

There’s a list going around of wealthy celebrities who claim they’re FRUGAL . . . because they grew up poor.  So, they may pass on ordering a $200 bottle of wine . . . and instead, order a cheaper, $150 bottle.  (???)

Here’s are some of them:

1.  Shania Twain . . . She once said she’d sometimes go to school hungry.  So now she tells herself to be frugal, and “save for a rainy day.”

2.  Cardi B . . . She once said her parents “have regular, poor jobs.”  And it’s rubbed off on her, quote, “I’m very cheap . . . [you] might see me with the jewelry, but I’m always looking at my account.”

3.  Tobey Maguire . . . He once said that he was born to young parents, so his ambition was to make money for “security and comfort.”  He describes himself as “very conservative with money.”

4.  Jessica Alba . . . She once said she grew up in “survival mode” because her parents didn’t have a safety net.  Now, she teaches her children about saving and sustainability . . . like wearing hand-me-down clothes.

5.  Cameron Diaz . . . She once said her parents weren’t well off, and would collect recycling for extra money.  Now, she’s careful not to throw money away . . . but she will splurge a bit on experiences with family and friends.

6.  Mila Kunis . . . She was seven when she and her parents moved to the U.S. from Ukraine, and they came with nothing.

Now, she says, “Because I’m an immigrant, [it’s] a different perspective on what the value of a dollar is and what hard work is . . . I’m a big supporter of Groupon.  I have walked into restaurants with a Groupon . . . I use it all the time.”

7.  Tiffany Haddish . . . She grew up in the foster care system, and later experienced homelessness three times.  Now, she says she’s saving up so that she can afford to retire at 55 or 60.

8.  Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters . . . He spent his childhood in a poor, single-parent family in Virginia.  Now, he says, “[All my money] goes straight into my bank account, where it turns all moldy and smelly.”

9.  Halle Berry . . . When she first moved to New York to pursue acting, she ran out of money and briefly lived in a homeless shelter.  Now she says she “saves a lot,” because she’s “worried about when this trip is going to end.”

10.  Hilary Swank . . . She lived in a trailer park as a kid, and after her parents separated, she lived in a car with her mother until they could afford an apartment.  Now, she says she’s still a “coupon clipper.”

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