10 Minor (But Frustrating) Everyday Struggles . . . That Should’ve Been Solved by Now

Even if we haven’t cured cancer, you’d think that we could’ve at least found a way to make fitted sheets easier to fold . . . or to improve the audio-quality of fast-food drive-thru speakers.

People on social media are talking about the minor (but FRUSTRATING) everyday struggles that they still encounter, which should’ve been solved by now.

Here are the best ones . . .

1.  The “staticky, repetitive, tuneless music” you are forced to listen to when you are on hold.  It hasn’t been improved since the ’80s.

2.  The pockets on plus-size women’s clothing never seems to be a design consideration.  You either get tiny pockets, which haven’t been scaled at all.  Or ENORMOUS pockets that have been fully scaled.  So your Chapstick slowly swims down to the depths around your fly.

Someone else pointed out how women’s jeans should just have a waist and inseam size, like men’s jeans.

3.  Shopping carts with wheels that easily break . . . get stuck . . . or fall out of alignment.  It’s a cart.  Even if they’re out in the elements, they should be durable enough that they can fulfill their purpose.

4.  TV remotes and appliances with text printed ON the buttons where it can wear off with use over time.  So you just have to remember what they do.

5.  This will come up in a couple weeks:  Having to change the clock in your car when it’s Daylight Saving Time, even though everything is supposedly “smart.”

6.  The plastic fasteners that hold new socks together.  They can be difficult to remove without damaging the socks.  This goes for other clothing as well.

7.  Autocorrect.  Someone said, “If I typed it, it’s what I MEANT to type . . . go ahead and highlight it or give me some suggestions, but to automatically assume that I did it wrong and change it on me . . . is like having my mother-in-law living inside my cell phone.”

8.  Having to use a keyboard on a TV screen to enter your email address and password by using arrows and selecting each letter individually.

9.  Someone said, “Why can’t all power cords on everything that needs to be plugged in, from toasters to lamps to coffee makers to fans, ALL be retractable?”

10.  If you’re in your car right now, you will relate to this:  Car horns in radio commercials.  Or sirens.  Why is this still a thing?

A lot of packaging could also be improved . . .

Bacon packaging that can be resealable without needing another bag . . . or cereal packaging with a zip-top . . . and you could also package hard taco shells in a way where you don’t BREAK the shells trying to get them out.