A Woman with Cancer Has Months to Live and Is Saved . . . By Her Ex-Husband’s New Wife

Well, these people just set the bar for “world’s most amicable divorce.”

There’s a 41-year-old woman named Nicola Hitchen in Cheshire, England.  And back in March, she was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer and her doctors estimated she had four months to live.

But Nicola did some research, and found there was a hospital in Turkey doing an advanced chemotherapy treatment that just might be able to help her.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t afford it . . . it was over $165,000 for just five sessions.

But get this . . . her ex-husband’s NEW WIFE stepped in to raise money for her to get the treatments.  Her name is Claire Hitchen, and she and Nicola’s ex-husband Andy launched a massive online fundraising campaign.

Claire said she did it because Nicola’s two sons are her stepsons, and, quote, “She’s an amazing mom . . . [she] continues to put them first throughout all of her treatment . . . and she deserves the chance to watch them grow into men.”

And they WERE able to raise the money . . . and the chemo treatments WORKED.  Nicola is now in remission and almost all of the cancer is completely gone.

(The Independent)

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