An Old Man Who Walked For Miles Every Day to Find a Kidney For His Wife Finally Gets Her One

There’s a 74-year-old guy in Farr West, Utah named Wayne Winters.  His wife Deanne has been on dialysis for the past two years and she desperately needed a kidney to survive.

So about a month ago, Wayne decided to stop waiting around.  He made himself a sandwich board sign begging someone to donate a kidney, and he walked the streets wearing it every day.

And . . . it WORKED.  The local news picked up his story, people started calling him, and he managed to find someone willing to donate.  On Sunday, Deanne got her transplant, and she’s recovering now.

But Wayne says he’s not done.  He’s planning to keep on walking around to try to find more people willing to donate their kidneys to people who desperately need them.

He says, quote, “Think about it, we could start a kidney revolution.  And that would be so great.”

(FOX 13 – Salt Lake City / WBAL)


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