A Girl with Cancer Couldn’t Make It to Prom, So Students Brought Prom to Her

There’s a 17-year-old girl in Spartanburg, South Carolina named MeKayla Gist.  She was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer about two years ago, and lost one of her legs.

Then the cancer came back in February, and she had to have another surgery on her hip.  So she’s missed a lot of school.  But somehow she’s still in the top ten in her class.

She’s also really popular.  And when her friends found out she’d be in the hospital and miss prom this past weekend, they decided to bring prom to HER.

And it wasn’t just a few students . . . DOZENS of them showed up at the hospital.

Everyone wore their prom gear . . . MeKayla was in a blue dress . . . and they brought her a crown and flowers, because she was elected prom queen.

They’re also helping organize a fundraiser at their school later this month to help her family with medical bills.

They’re trying to raise $50,000.  If you want to help out, search for “Help MeKayla TKO Cancer” on GoFundMe.com.



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