Five Useful Tips from Bartenders

Someone had a bunch of bartenders list things they wish their customers knew.  Here are five tips we liked . . .

1.  Asking for less ice won’t get you more alcohol.  You’ll get the same drink with less ice in it.  Or they might add more mixer to fill the glass.  But they won’t add more booze.

2.  Giving them a good tip on your first drink CAN help you get your next drink faster.  Unless it’s really crowded, they’ll remember you.  And they’ll usually serve you first.

3.  If it’s crowded, don’t order anything that comes in a martini glass.  If someone even nudges you, you’ll spill it everywhere.  So you’ll be upset, and so will the staff because they have to clean it up.

4.  Don’t yell, whistle, or wave money at a bartender to get their attention.  A lot of them think it’s demeaning, and they’ll SKIP you if you do it.  So you’re better off being patient, and waiting to make eye contact with them.

5.  You need to do three things to make a bartender like you.  Know what you want to order . . . say please and thank you . . . and leave them a good tip.  $1 is fine if it’s something easy.  $2 is good if it’s something complicated like a margarita.

And one thing that will make them DISLIKE is you aggressively FLIRTING with them.  For some reason, a lot of people think they can hit on bartenders, even when they’re way out of their league.




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