Five Random Ways Men and Women Are Different

Here are five random ways men and women are different . . .

1.  Our heart rates are different.  Men average 70 beats a minute.  Women average about 80.  Women also have smaller arteries, which might be why they’re less likely to survive heart attacks.  Blood clots are more likely to block an entire blood vessel.

2.  Women have a better sense of smell.  Men have about 9 million cells in their olfactory bulb . . . the area of the brain that controls our sense of smell.  Women have about 16 million.  So about 40% more.

3.  Men literally have thicker skin.  It varies depending on what part of the body we’re talking about.  But on the palms of your hands, men’s skin is about 4 millimeters thicker than women’s.

4.  Women blink more.  Men average 11 blinks a minute.  Women average 19.  It’s partly because the extra testosterone helps guys maintain an oily layer on their eyes.

5.  Men digest meals 20% faster than women.  It’s partly because women have smaller stomachs, so they have less stomach acid to break down food.  It’s also why men generally have more BOWEL MOVEMENTS.

(Daily Mail)



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