Facebook Is Now the Least-Trusted Tech Company By Far . . . But How Many People Have Actually Deleted Their Accounts?

The Pandora’s Box of Facebook has been opened, and there’s no going back.  We trusted them, and they burned us big time.

And it’s DEFINITELY destroying their reputation.  According to a new survey, 56% of people say they trust Facebook the least of any tech company.

The next closest was Google, at 5%.  So . . . wow.

But are we still so ADDICTED that we can’t quit?  Another study found that 9% of Americans say they HAVE deleted their Facebook account since all the info came out about Cambridge Analytica.

17% have deleted Facebook off their phone but have not gotten rid of their account.

And 35% say they’re keeping their account, but they plan on using it less than before.

(Recode / Fortune)



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