Wenatchee Valley Mall’s Cure For The Summertime Blues

The Wenatchee Valley Mall has the Cure For The Summertime Blues! Win a $200 Mall Gift Card and a basket of other cool prizes from participating stores, by solving some Mall Riddles . . .

Starting next Monday (August 7th), the Wenatchee Valley Mall will be giving out riddles that point to certain stores inside the mall. A new riddle will be posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday over the course of three weeks. YOUR job is to solve each riddle and take a photo of an item that will be clearly marked inside the store, with the corresponding riddle number. (For example, Riddle #1 will have an item marked #1 inside the correct store.)

Once you have all the pictures by solving all 9 riddles, post a collage of your pictures to the Wenatchee Valley Mall website or Facebook Page.

Check back for the riddles!

Monday, August 7th: Don’t spend a ton. Go here for shoes, and the item marked #1
Wednesday, August 9th: The name of this store you can do to a belt, the name of this store you can do to a shoe. Here’s where you can find #2
Friday, August 11th: Looking for diamonds? Come and find me! You might even find #3
Monday, August 14th: Appliances galore can be found in this hometown store, but you might also find #4
Wednesday, August 16th: Bears have caves, and bees have hives. If you know what a dog has, you can find #5
Friday, August 18th:You can find a hat or a jersey, but you won’t find new kicks. If you come here and look closely, though, you can find #6
Monday, August 21st: This place can take you to sweet tooth heaven. It might even lead you to #7
Wednesday, August 23rd: Clue #8
Friday, August 25th: Clue #9
August 25th-27th: Submit entries to WVM Facebook Page
August 28th: Winner selected