Men's Basketball League

Nov 29, 2013 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Name of Your Event: Men's Basketball League

Date(s) of Your Event: December 5, 2013

Location of Your Event: 255 N. Georgia Ave, East Wenatchee

Venue for Your Event: Eastmont Park

Time of Your Event: 5pm

Description of Your Event: Men's Recreation Basketball League 30 & Under League
 30 & Over League
Open League
Registration Fee: $450.00 per team
Registration Deadline is Friday, December 6th!

$25 late fee after December 6th.

For more info, call Eastmont Park & Rec 884-8015 or go to

Website for Your Event:

Contact Info for Your Event: Trina Elmes

Cost for Your Event: $450

E-Mail Address:


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