Pak The Bins

Aug 17, 2013 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Event: "Pak The Bins"

Date(s) of Your Event: August 17th

 Location: Cashmere, Field by district building

Venue: Field

Time: 12-3pm

The Allyn Janelle Foundation and CrunchPak are hosting their first "Pak the Bins" fundraising event from 12-3 in Cashmere!  It will be open for everyone to donate school supplies for families in need in the Cashmere school districts.  People are welcome to call me (Leah) and donate before and after the event as well, or to contact me about getting free supplies.  If you could air this on the radio to help spread the word, it would be MUCH appreciated!!  Please call me with any questions

Contact Info: Leah Davis 509-421-2233

Cost: Free--donations accepted


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