20 Social Etiquette Rules We Should All Be Following

The magazine “Country Living” posted a list of 50 social etiquette rules we don’t pay enough attention to these days.  We took 20 of the best ones, and broke them down into five categories . . .

1.  Classic Things People Used To Do:

. . . Always say please and thank you.

. . . Hold the door for people.

. . . Try HARD to be on time.

. . . Send handwritten thank-you notes.

. . . And bring food to people, like when there’s a new neighbor or someone passes away.

2.  Phone Etiquette:

. . . Step away to answer a call.

. . . Look at someone when they’re talking to you, not your phone.

. . . Mute your ringtone when you’re at a movie, or anywhere else it might annoy people.

. . . And return phone calls as soon as possible.

3.  When You’re Out in Public:

. . . Wear decent clothes, not pajama bottoms.

. . . Don’t swear, especially around kids.

. . . Always use your turn signal while driving.

. . . And wait for people to get OUT of an elevator or subway car before you get in.

4.  For Parties and Events:

. . . Always RSVP right away.

. . . Ask before you bring a guest.

. . . Always show up with a gift, like a bottle of wine or an appetizer.

. . . And avoid controversial topics, like politics or religion.

5.  Meal Etiquette:

. . . Wait until everyone has their food before you start eating.

. . . Have good table manners, like putting a napkin on your lap and chewing with your mouth closed.

. . . And always push your chair in when you leave the table.

(Country Living)


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